Monday, May 31, 2010

Baby #2 is on the way!

We are so excited to announce that we are having another little one in November! Yes, Brayden is FINALLY going to be a BIG BROTHER! We have people all the time asking "when are ya'll going to have another?", "Are you going to have another?" Well, the answer is "NOW" and "Yes"! We've always wanted more children, but would be very happy with just Brayden! We had a rough year last year, after my grandmother had and stroke in February, I miscarried in Feburary also. I found out I was pregant in June last year and was so excited, then my mom found out she had breast cancer and I miscarried shortly after that. So, We decided to wait a while before trying again. I even had a few tests run, just to make sure everything was ok...every test came back normal! Praise God! Of course I still questioned because I had NO trouble whatsoever with Brayden, which I should not have done, because God knows what we can handle and is bigger than we can ever imagine!

We are 15 weeks now and have had 3 ultrasounds and everything looks great so far. I am going to the Dr. about every 2 to 3 weeks because of the past miscarriages and I'm loving hearing this little heartbeat as often as possible! Our due date is November 22 and will be happy with whatever we are blessed with, boy or girl. Brayden says he wants a little brother, but we will see! :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Break/Disney World 2010

I'm finally getting arount to posting our Disney trip!  This year during Spring Break we went to Disney World!  We went with Bo's parents and had the best time!   Brayden LOVED all the characters.  We ate with several of them and stood in line to meet some too!  He's really into Toy Story, so we got to meet Buzz Lightyear and Woody!  We even got to see some of the Toy Soldiers!  He loved riding all the rides he could ride on!  He wanted to ride every ride twice!  I left out the Animal Kingdom pics and will post them later. We ate lots of good food while we were there... you'll see some of the places we ate at.  I left out Ohana's(i just didn't take any pics while we were there)...which was one of our's a lot like Texas de Brazil, if you've ever eaten there, but very kid friendly!  We missed some things and hopefully will catch them the next time we go!   Lots of pictures below! 
Our first night in Downtown Disney we ate at T-Rex!  Lots of fun if you have boys!  Brayden loves Dinosaurs right now, so this was a big treat!  When you walk in, there is a life size T-Rex and it moves!  There's also a Build A Dinosaur in there too....and a place to dig up fossils!  Very kid friendly and great food! :)  Below : We ate in the ice cave part of T-Rex! It would change colors every 15 mins. Here's the whole family:ME, Bo, Brayden, RuRu, Papa, and Uncle Josh

Bo and Brayden on the Buzz Lightyear ride at Magic Kingdom... we rode it probably 6 or 7 seven times. Brayden loved it!

Here is Brayden getting his haircut at Magic Kingdom.  It was lots of fun!  he got LOTS of mickey stickers and Sprinkles to top off his haircut! 

We ate at Crystal Palace(with Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet).  This was our first charcter lunch and Brayden LOVED them!   It's in Magic Kingdom and has a great view of the Castle while you are eating! 
This was actually taken from the porch of Crystal Palace

We finally find Woody!  We had been telling Brayden that we would get to meet him and we did!!  Brayden didn't want to leave him!  But we got to see him again the next day at Hollywood Studios!

Brayden and I on Toy Story Mania...another one of our favorites!!  we only got to ride it twice, since it was new and lots of others wanted to ride it too!  We rode this as soon as we walked into Hollywood Studios and then got a fast pass.... there were 2 hour waits for this ride! 

Here's Buzz and Woody Together!  Brayden was so excited!

We ate at the 50's Diner in Hollywood Studios and this was our waiter, Mark!  It's set like a kitchen from the 1950's and have old tv shows(The Donna Reed Show, Patty Duke, Lassie) playing while you eat! They are strict here!  No putting your elbows on the table and you had to eat all of your food before you got dessert!!  Lots of fun...they keep you on your toes... and great food!!!

One of Brayden's favorite movies is Monster's Inc. We found Mike and Sully!  A lot of the kids were scared of them but Brayden loves them!  He thought they were so much fun!

Our next meal was breakfast at Cape May with Donald Duck, Goofy, and Minnie Mouse!  We loved it here!  They were dressed for the beach! 
Meeting Chip and Dale! 

Brayden and I riding the tea cups!  Brayden wanted to spin faster! 

The Barnstormer Rollercoaster!  This was really the only rollercoaster brayden was able to ride!  We rode it once together and then I got him and his daddy riding it the second time! 

Mickey and Minnie!

Bo and Brayden on the Buzz Lightyear ride one last time! 

Our last night, we saved the best for last!  Chef Mickeys!  Great food and a wonderful time with the characters!  We got to meet Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto! 

Monday, February 22, 2010


Brayden has a new friend/toy/puppy and so does Wrigley!! TINKERBELL! We have had Tinkerbell for 2 weeks now. My SIL, Ashley, found her and couldn't keep her, so we took her in. The vet said that she around 8weeks old and is a lab mix.  Brayden loves carrying Tinkerbell around!  Wrigley is staying outside now(all the time) since we got Tinkerbell! She has finally adjusted to her and sleeping outside all together! Gabby even enjoyed playing with her yesterday!


Playing with Rowe

It's been so cold outside!  We had Celeste and Rowe over for a few hours one Saturday!  The boys had so much fun playing together!  Brayden calls Rowe his best buddy! 

Christmas 2009

Christmas pics! Maybe I can get caught up now!!
Brayden's class party

Christmas Morning

Christmas Eve

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

10 Year Reunion!

My 10 Year reunion was the first weekend in October in Columbus and Bo's was the second weekend in October in Greenville! We had lots of fun at both of them.

Here are a few pics from mine first. We met up at the Homecoming game Friday night and then Lake Lowndes for family picnic and then the Country Club for dinner and dancing!

We got a picture of everyone in our class at the picnic
(this did not include spouses and children)

A few of the girls at the picnic

So Far Behind!

Ok bloggers, we are still alive! It is hard for me to update regularly now with a 2 year old! It's finding time in between naps and going to bed and doing chores in between!

Halloween has come and gone and so has Thanksgiving and Christmas! Bo and I have both had 10 year class reunions. It's about to be a new year and hopefully, I can keep up!

This year for Halloween, Brayden was a lion! I have to say he was a cute little lion with a big "ROAR". He had the roar down pat! We went to a couple of houses trick or treating and then went to eat with good friends! Bo had to work so he missed out on all the fun! He did get to go trunk or treating at church.

Brantley the fireman and Brayden the Lion!

Gavin and Lake

our family Trunk or treating

Anna and the Lion

Brayden with his pumpkin

Brayden and Daddy putting faces on the pumpkins!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Little Boy is a Big Boy Now!

This is a little late, but I have to brag! Brayden is now potty trained!! He has been for a little over a month now! I have to say it was very easy for us. I went to pick him up from school one Thursday and his teacher told me he was moving up to another class and they are potty trained. So, I went home and put big boy underwear on him and we had a few accidents that day and on friday. On Saturday, we had about 3 accidents ALL day and about 2 on Sunday! He was then potty trained on Monday with no accidents ALL day! He's done really well with his big boy underwear! I guess he was ready all along and I wasn't! I have enjoyed not having to buy diapers, but it's hard when we travel now!! We have to make several stops now, but it's worth it!!

Pumpkin Patch '09

We went to the pumpkin patch and had so much fun! We went during the week, so we were the only ones there when we got there. Brayden had a blast riding the John Deere tractors and playing in the corn! He also had fun playing around the pumpkins and picking them out! We came home with lots of pumpkins in ALL sizes!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Disney Live

We went to Disney Live in Tupelo a few weekends ago. We sat on the 3rd row and Brayden had a blast! I don't think he's ever sat so still! He did not budge the entire show! We got to see Mickey Mouse, Handy Manny, My Friends Tigger and Pooh, and The Little Einsteins! Brayden's favorites were Handy Manny and Mickey Mouse! Here's a few of the pictures!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Panama City Beach

We went to Panama City Beach last week for a little vacation and to play softball. It started out pretty rough! We went to Loxley to spent a little time with my brother and Ashley before heading to the beach....brayden was running a fever the night we got to their house, woke up and was still running fever so we took him to the doctor and it was the FLU....on our way back to Drew's house, my car goes dead! I keep saying my car is only 3 years old, what could be causing this to happen???? We were not out of gas either! I call AAA and they siad it was going to be an hour before someone was going to be there to tow us. I get a little upset because it's 95 degrees, no air, brayden is asleep with the flu, and we were headed out for the beach! Luckily, Drew and Ashley had taken the day off and were able to help out and get brayden somewhere with air.... we get the explorer towed and the shop can't do anything b/c the control panel is out, so we get it towed to the ford dealership and it's ends up that a "LOVEBUG" seeped through the air filter and shorted out the control panel. $350 I might add! The rest of the trip was great though! Brayden had a mild case of the flu and we were able to enjoy the beach, shopping and softball.

Drew, Ashley and Brayden

The only alligator we saw this time!

Uncle Drew and Brayden
(B doesn't look like he has the flu...he's a tough little boy...he begged to go see the alligators, so we had to take him)

Drew, Brayden and Bo about to go look for the alligators

Brayden didn't have a great time at the ocean. He wanted to go to the "other beach" (the swimming pool)... the turtle was swinmming in the water outside our condo! He was BIG!

Some pics of the guys playing... we actually won 2 games this year!

Brayden got to run the bases with his daddy before the game. Here are some of the wives and girlfriends of the guys.