Wednesday, December 30, 2009

10 Year Reunion!

My 10 Year reunion was the first weekend in October in Columbus and Bo's was the second weekend in October in Greenville! We had lots of fun at both of them.

Here are a few pics from mine first. We met up at the Homecoming game Friday night and then Lake Lowndes for family picnic and then the Country Club for dinner and dancing!

We got a picture of everyone in our class at the picnic
(this did not include spouses and children)

A few of the girls at the picnic

So Far Behind!

Ok bloggers, we are still alive! It is hard for me to update regularly now with a 2 year old! It's finding time in between naps and going to bed and doing chores in between!

Halloween has come and gone and so has Thanksgiving and Christmas! Bo and I have both had 10 year class reunions. It's about to be a new year and hopefully, I can keep up!

This year for Halloween, Brayden was a lion! I have to say he was a cute little lion with a big "ROAR". He had the roar down pat! We went to a couple of houses trick or treating and then went to eat with good friends! Bo had to work so he missed out on all the fun! He did get to go trunk or treating at church.

Brantley the fireman and Brayden the Lion!

Gavin and Lake

our family Trunk or treating

Anna and the Lion

Brayden with his pumpkin

Brayden and Daddy putting faces on the pumpkins!