Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Brantley!

Today, 4 years ago a little miracle was born.... besides the rest of our little babies... Brantley Jackson Forrester. I am a little partial to him. Those of you who read this blog, saw in a previous post Brantley saying the blessing. I told you then that I would share his story later. Well, here goes....His mom, Christie, who is my 1st cousin and like a sister to me, went into labor at 22 weeks. She was on bed rest in Jackson at UMC for 5 weeks until it was time to have little Brantleyat 27 weeks. Brantley came into this world at 2 lbs 5 oz. He immediately had to be put on a ventalator. I was visiting Bo in FL for Spring Training the day Brantley was born. I drove to Jackson the very next day. I didn't relize at how much was really going on with Brantley until I got there. I got to go see Brantley in the NICU that night and I had never seen anything like him. He looked so helpless and had so many tubes hooked up to him. We had several scares over the next few days. We almost lost little Brantley a few times over his first week in this world. He had to have blood transfusions, his lung collasped one night, and was on oxygen for 6 weeks, just to name a few. He thought it was such a big deal when he got moved up to C-Pap(still on oxygen, but he was in an incubator) and then to the nasal canula(this is what you see older people on. this is also what he came home on). We then thought He was the fattest baby in the NICU. Brantley got to come home 3 months later. He was still on oxygen but he had gained up to 8 lbs and was doing wonderful. A little after his 1st birthday, he had to have a shunt, but after that he has not had anymore surgeries. His mom and dad were such troopers through it all. Christie and Shawn stayed all 3 months in the Ronald McDonald House. We went to visit everyweekend. It's amazing what all he went through and has gone through to get to where he is today. Brantley, is now the strongest little boy you will ever meet. Happy 4th Birthday Brantley!!

Brantley's first Easter in the NICU(see the cotton ball tail the nurses made for him)

Brantley at home

Brantley now and below he is holding Brayden

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

10 Months Old!

Brayden is 10 months old now and is doing more than ever. He is walking everywhere now, as you can see in previous posts. He has 3 teeth now(2 on bottom and one on top). There is another one on top, just about to come through. He jabbers all the time too... MM says it's Chinese :) It must really mean something, because he says the same thing over and over. He has now mastered waving and saying bye bye. It's amazing how fast he catches on to things now! Happy 10 Months Brayden!

Happy St. Patrick's Day... a little late :)

Sunday, we went to Greenville to visit with Brayden's Papa and RuRu and Great-Grandparents. We also got to see Uncle Josh while we were there too. We had a good couple of days away from home. Bo's dad got some really good pics of Brayden outside, Monday. As you can tell, we were all dressed for the occasion.

Trip to Jackson

Last Friday, Mary Martha and I, along with Brayden, went to Jackson to spend some time with Candise and Taylor, a close friend of ours from college and her son. They live in Washington D.C. now, where her husband works for American Family Radio. If you listen to it, you will hear him reporting the national news. So listen next time for Jim Brown. Candise and Jim have an adorable son and are expecting another boy in July. Taylor and Brayden had fun watching and trying to catch the ducks. Here are a few pictures from our visit.

Me, Brayden, Taylor and Candise

Mary Martha and Brayden

Candise and Taylor

Brayden fell asleep after our long day

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Look how far I've come!

Brayden is walking everywhere he can now!!! He is not scared anymore!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I have been Tagged!

Here goes...thank you Kelly :)
List 5 things you do or don't do for A)yourself B)child,spouse, or friend C) stranger!
1. I try to workout everyday during the week...i at least get 3 days in a week.
2. I get up a couple hours earlier than Brayden to have my quiet time.
3. I tape my shows, so when bo is working I can watch them.
4. I read a lot of times when brayden is napping
5. I don't like to go to bed with dishes in the sink!

1. I rock Brayden to sleep at night, b/c I know I can't do it forever.
2. I try to do all the housework(cooking/cleaning) before Bo gets home so we can spend time as a family.
3. I play on the floor with Brayden daily
4. I feel like I don't compliment Bo enough
5. I make sure I tell Brayden and Bo I love them daily

1. From working with the public, I make sure I tell whoever it is to have a good day
2. I don't pick them up on the side of the road
3. smile, and speak-just a little hey could make someones day.
4. I don't give them money but...
5. I will donate clothing/food

Now, I tag Erin and Conner!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sundays at Mimi and Poppy's House

Sundays, after church, we usually go to my parent's house for lunch and the afternoon. Brayden loves playing outside in his new radio flyer car! He loves to push it himself. This weekend, My brother Drew and his wife Ashley came home. So we got to see them for a little while and Brayden got to show off his walking skills to them. They were so proud.

I love my little Brayden

Just some pictures from this weekend playing at home.

Entertaining himself

Brayden has gotten to where he will go to his room by himself and play with his toys. The first thing he does is knock all the toys on the bottom shelf of his bookcase off! I pulled a basket of toys into the middle of the floor the other day and he and had so much fun going through them. This was also the night it rained so much.

Kicking in the bathtub

Brayden has gotten to where he loves to kick in the bathtub. We like it too because it wears him out! He does it over and over and over! :)