Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter 2009

I didn't get any family pics this year, just ones of Brayden before he changed. Sunday morning I left for church early and left Bo in charge of getting Brayden ready. I left two outfits out for him to pick from and he came to church in this. I thought Bo did pretty good dressing the kid. These were taken after church.

We had a very nice Easter. We got to spend Sunday afternoon with family at my grandparents house. My grandmother suffered from a stroke about 2 months ago and has been doing really well over the last couple of weeks. After we got through eating lunch, Sunday, she fell and broke her hip. My mom and my aunt took her to Tupelo and she had surgery Monday night. She is doing good and will get to come home on Thursday or Friday. We did get a little egg hunt in for the kids at my grandparents.

The Easter Bunny Came!

The Easter Bunny stopped by our house Saturday night! Brayden had so much fun going through his basket of goodies!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Play Ball!

Brayden playing ball. His favorite thing to do!

Here's a video of him hitting the ball off the tee. He's pretty good at it! His daddy works with him a lot! We are ready for it to warm up again to play outside, before he hits some of mommy's nice things!

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles

Playing with the Bubbles. Little B- LOVES them!

The Football Men

Brayden loves playing with Bo's old Starting Line Up men. If you are a guy, I'm sure you had these when you were little or your brother may have had them(mine did). Bo let Brayden play with a few of his old ones, the football ones that have helmets that are removable. Brayden keeps up with the helmets separate from the players. I dont' know why, but he does. Here lately he has been playing with them together, putting the helmets on the players. Yesterday, I was doing sometheing in the kitchen and came to sit down in the living room to find this on the table next to me. I had to take a picture, because I was amazed that these players had the right helmet on! (all except one, i actually couldn't find the player, so I guess Brayden just stuck it on the one that had the same colors)
Pretty smart kid! :)