Friday, September 25, 2009

Panama City Beach

We went to Panama City Beach last week for a little vacation and to play softball. It started out pretty rough! We went to Loxley to spent a little time with my brother and Ashley before heading to the beach....brayden was running a fever the night we got to their house, woke up and was still running fever so we took him to the doctor and it was the FLU....on our way back to Drew's house, my car goes dead! I keep saying my car is only 3 years old, what could be causing this to happen???? We were not out of gas either! I call AAA and they siad it was going to be an hour before someone was going to be there to tow us. I get a little upset because it's 95 degrees, no air, brayden is asleep with the flu, and we were headed out for the beach! Luckily, Drew and Ashley had taken the day off and were able to help out and get brayden somewhere with air.... we get the explorer towed and the shop can't do anything b/c the control panel is out, so we get it towed to the ford dealership and it's ends up that a "LOVEBUG" seeped through the air filter and shorted out the control panel. $350 I might add! The rest of the trip was great though! Brayden had a mild case of the flu and we were able to enjoy the beach, shopping and softball.

Drew, Ashley and Brayden

The only alligator we saw this time!

Uncle Drew and Brayden
(B doesn't look like he has the flu...he's a tough little boy...he begged to go see the alligators, so we had to take him)

Drew, Brayden and Bo about to go look for the alligators

Brayden didn't have a great time at the ocean. He wanted to go to the "other beach" (the swimming pool)... the turtle was swinmming in the water outside our condo! He was BIG!

Some pics of the guys playing... we actually won 2 games this year!

Brayden got to run the bases with his daddy before the game. Here are some of the wives and girlfriends of the guys.

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Samantha said...

So glad Brayden is feeling better!