Sunday, June 28, 2009

Loving it Outside

We have spent a lot of time outside so far this summer even though it has been HOT, Brayden wouldn't have it anyother way! He has a little pool that he dives into and he has seveal times fully clothed, just when we were about to go somewhere! He's not scared of anything and loves the water.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kevin and Pam's Wedding

Kevin Long and Pam got married in Orange Beach on Mother's Day weekend. (I'm just a little behind on posting) The wedding was beautiful and the weather couldn't have been any nicer for them. Drew and Ashley met us at The Wharf and picked up Brayden, so he didn't get to go to the wedding. The next day, we spent with Drew and Ashley. Brayden got to see the alligators, lots of was really only about 4, but that's a lot to me in one place! Here are pics from the wedding and from the visit with the alligators!

Kevin and Pam

The Boys: Jay Blackburn, Bo, Caleb Yates, Kevin, Jimmy Parker, Brad Smith, and Spencer Long

Jay and his wife Tiffany
Here's the alligator pictures! If you are familiar with the Mobile area, you've probably been here. It's the bay area, on the other side of the bridge not the Mobile side.

Monday, June 8, 2009

My Baby Turns 2!

I have finally gotten my computer back!! (long birthday post)

Brayden turned 2 on the 18th of May! I can't believe 2 years have gone by since this little boy came into this world! It seems like yesterday! He is talking in complete sentences for the most part and we can understand just about everything he tries to tell us. Last night bo was counting with him to 10 and when Bo got to 5, brayden just finished it off saying six, even , eight, nine, ten, YAY!! It was so funny! I say once again he is at my favorite stage, but they ALL have been my favorite!

Brayden weighs 28lbs (50%), 36 inches (95%). He's tall and skinny!

(B in his new sandbox with GREEN sand... he loves it)

We are working on the potty training, but he's still not ready just yet. We get up and go to the potty every morning now and a couple of times during the day and every night. I think it might be just seems like we are always on the go! If we stayed at home all week, we might accomplish it!

His favorite thing is still balls! He loves them. We try giving him trucks, but he doesn't play with them long and before we know he's got a ball in his hand. He loves to color, and play outside! We have already spent a lot of time outside playing this summer. Brayden and Wrigley have a good time!

We had B's party at Jumpin G's the Saturday before his actual birthday. He and all of his friends had a blast! It was a Mickey Mouse theme... we played and ate hotdogs and cake!

Monday was his actual birthday and he had a little party at school (I made baseball cupcakes for his class, since they all know he loves balls)